At BriteVision, We Do Sleeves - Generic, Stock and Custom Print Sleeves

Britevision offers three types of paper for our coffee sleeves – all printed utilizing a 4-color process for superior quality and graphics, creating every color imaginable.

Each has its own feature and strength. Because their pricing is so close to each other – you select the paper that best fits your image and brand!

Brown Kraft Paper

  • Our most eco-friendly looking paper

  • Provides a rustic print quality

  • Works well with dark colored logos and branding

Glossy Paper

  • Vivid color and shine from a glossy topcoat

  • Magazine-quality printing

  • Vibrancy makes your brand stand out

Matte Finish Paper

  • Allows for matte finish printing

  • Matte material lends a beautiful, muted effect to the artwork

  • Distinctive paper for promoting your brand in a softer, more subtle way


We utilize lithographic presses for magazine quality graphics, perfectly blended colors, and beautifully sharp contrasts

  • Our inks are organic and safe for the environment

  • Our products are all 100% recyclable and compostable!